Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hidden Treasures

Jenn and I found this great skirt at Value VIllage the other week [$9.99 or something like that - great deal!], We had to test it out in an on the spot photoshoot in my backyard this past Sunday. It didn't turn out too bad for a shoot with no planning and a quick set-up. These were taken with natural light coming through the trees overhead.

I've recieved some mixed feedback on this shot, let me know what you think - there are lots of improvements I can make for next time. Give me your ideas my friends.

Just today I reworked my flickr site and put up a lot of photos, some you've seen on my blog before, some of which you have not. Start here if you want to see a selection of my favorite photos. Add me to your friends list in flickr if you have it. We could all use a few more friends, right?

ps. we could all use a little more time.


Anonymous Marshall Angus said...

Ok second photo thoughts. Love the angle the composition and the light looks perfect on my monitor. Just the expression is so sad... First photo is amazing and I would like a 12 x 18 print is possible...

11:39 PM  
Blogger W. Milwain said...

I love the first shot, not sure of the second. I find that the strand of hair on her left shoulder is distracting and the loose hair on her forehead bugs me. She looks miserable, I think you may have caught her as she was about to blink, so her eyes aren't as bright as in the first.

4:55 PM  
Blogger david said...

I agree with you about the loose hairs on her shoulder, the ones on her forehead however are near impossible to work with! haha. We were going for that sexy look ... I liked it, maybe I'm just crazy though.
Marshall, I'll talk to the model, and we'll see about getting you a print!


5:00 PM  
Anonymous fatma said...

i love the first one! the lighting is great and jenn's eyes look really cool. value village never fails to amaze me.

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the first one, too! The contrast of the white againt the green is fab. Really like the second shot - but I think it's the eyes that don't do it justice (about to blink - maybe? just caught it - shame, cos it's an awesome pose!). Where's the ghostly one?

8:47 PM  

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