Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fester And Congeal

"Conrad stood there soaking wet in the swamp bog, wondering what the hell to do. It was a struggle to move twenty feet in this freaking muck. Every time he looked up, he was looking into a delirium of limbs, vines, dappled shadows, and a chopped-up white light that came through the tree-tops — the ubiquitous screen of trees with a thousand little places where the sun peeked through. Nevertheless, he started wading back out into the muck and the scum, and the others followed. He kept looking up. Gradually he could make it out. Up in the treetops there was a pattern of broken limbs where the SNJ had come crashing through. It was like a tunnel through the treetops. Conrad and the others began splashing through the swamp, following the strange path ninety or a hundred feet above them. It took a sharp turn. That must have been where the wing broke off. The trail veered to one side and started downward. They kept looking up and wading through the muck.

Then they stopped ...

There was a great green sap wound up there in the middle of a tree trunk. It was odd. Near the huge gash was ... tree disease ... some sort of brownish lumpy sac up in the branches, such as you see in trees infested by bagworms, and there were yellowish curds on the branches around it, as if the disease had caused the sap to ooze out and fester and congeal — except that it couldn’t be sap because it was streaked with blood. In the next instant — Conrad didn’t have to say a word. Each man could see it all. The lumpy sack was the cloth liner of a flight helmet, with the earphones attached to it. The curds were Bud Jennings’s brains. The tree trunk had smashed through the cockpit canopy of the SNJ and knocked Bud Jennings’s head to pieces like a melon." - Tom Wolfe [The Right Stuff]

This picture I took up In Haliburton reminded me of this amazing excerpt from Chapter 1 of The Right Stuff. Enjoy it.

ps. by excerpt I mean paragraph ;)


Anonymous jenn said...

that's a crazy photo, i like that you are posting stories with the photos, its a complete experience now!

3:13 AM  
Anonymous Palex said...

the story makes the picture! but seriously, i hate tent caterpillars. They are chock full of gross, and pretty much scarred me for life! I was at Story Land, and i pushed a button to make this bobbling clown head bobble, and the eye fell out and tent caterpillars spewed out of the eye...gross. And thats why i can't sleep at night

11:20 AM  
Blogger kristina said...

very awesome

11:36 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

i didnt read that. but i like the picture anyways!!

hope your canada day long weekend was fun!

1:13 AM  

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