Tuesday, March 21, 2006

To Play

This guy is located outside of the Art Gallery of Hamilton across the street from my place of work. He's all caged though, how come? Well say hi to him anyways. ciao


Blogger Kevin said...

Hiya caged, green buddy!
Why are ya tryin to run away from the Art Gallery of Hamiltion? Scary in there?

11:10 PM  
Blogger Neil said...

Hello Friend...I Bet You'd Like Some Candy. Come Out From Behind The Protection Of Your Barred Home And Have Some Candy With Me. Don't You Love Candy?...That's It, That's It.....

I Pretty Much Creeped Myself Out With That One ~ Maybe I Should Be Caged...Nah.

12:27 AM  
Blogger david said...

WOW ... yeah ... thanks for that one, Neil ...

6:37 AM  
Anonymous aideN said...

i was totally at the art gallery of hamilton during reading week. if i'd known you worked across the street, i would have thrown a rock at your window or something.

9:37 AM  
Anonymous jenn said...

maybe he is caged because the people who you think are the free ones are really trapped.

or because there is a fence behind/around him

or because art people are weird like that...they like to be ironic.

was it a rhetorical question?

10:28 AM  
Anonymous sister said...

he looks like hes dancing...lalalalalala *dance*dance*dance*, kinda like you dance...teeheehee!!! :-)

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Jose Gonzalez said...

The man is running from a crime scene that happened on king st. He is an eye witness to a hit and run that happened at 12:45 this afternoon.

8:41 PM  
Blogger david said...

oh yeah? good times :)

10:36 PM  
Anonymous sister said...

Run run run as fast as you can, cant catch me im the gingerbread man!!!

1:00 PM  

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