Sunday, February 26, 2006

Soups 101

James plays guitar in The Daybreak, a sweet band made up of some UofT students. We worked together in the past, he made soups. They were good times.
love, david


Blogger Diana said...

i like all his pedals! seems like it would be an interesting band to hear/see. Also, UofT rocks my socks. Good job with the pics of this band. !

9:04 PM  
Anonymous aiden said...

i swear i've been checking your site daily.
i just never leave comments.
i'm sorry.
cool pictures, as usual.

7:17 PM  
Anonymous James Bastable said...

I'm sexy.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Shoe said...

Nice photos indeed. Thanks for coming to the show.

11:04 PM  

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